Katlyn's Corner

From our book Katlyn Conquers the World - Chapter 18 This chapter is about the pets in our lives and how they interact with Katlyn,

Fish on the CarpetI

I was thrilled that Julie gave each child a betta fish to care for every day. The Siamese fighting fish, or betta, is a vibrantly colored fish. I thought it would be such a great experience for them. I had aquariums growing up, and found them very calming. Katlyn’s experience with her fish was not so calming for Julie and the other kids. Katlyn was cleaning the little fish condo, and came back into the room where Julie was. “Where is your fish, Katlyn?” Julie asked. “Sleeping.” “What do you mean sleeping, Katlyn?” “He is sleeping on the carpet.”Julie found the fish lying on the carpet, with water all around him. He turned out to be fine. I guess Katlyn thought he was tired.