Katlyn turns 20!

Now that my baby girl is 20 there are so many things to think about. In the last two weeks we have met with a vocational coach from the state and a social worker to discuss the future. There are a ton of programs in the state of Minnesota, I am hopeful that these programs will be a positive experience for Katlyn. The vocational coach knew that Katlyn was interested in fashion and clothing and was able to get her into a Macy's retail training program which she starts after the new year. She is very excited.

I also attended a parent meeting at Gigi's Playhouse http://gigisplayhouse.org/twincities/ to discuss the young adult program. Gigi's recently made an expansion in their building to accomodate the growing need for these services. They would offer classes for the over 18's and possibility a Gigi's University similar to the one in Chicago.