limitless possibilities

Of course it was an amazing experience writing the book, Katlyn Conquers the World with Katlyn, but it has been even more wonderful getting to promote the book with her. Katlyn loves to speak to groups of people and tell her stories. And I love that other parents are able to hear the stories directly from her and begin to understand the limitless possibilities for their special child. The message is simple: parents with special-needs children should never think in limiting terms. Katlyn is living proof that anything is possible.

When looking for online options for selling our book I didn't want to just go the normal route of offering it on Amazon, Kindle and Nook. So in addition to posting the book on these sites I also added it to Pinterest and Etsy. I did not have high hopes that it would be popular on these sites, but I thought I would try. The very next day a woman ordered a book from Etsy. She sent a note mentioning that she was opening a store in Florida and would I be interested in having my books in her shop. YEAH! Of course I would. I immediately sent the book to her and waited for her response.

Today I spoke with the woman who purchased my book, her name is Tami. Tami is truly an inspiration. She recently quit her job to start an organization to help Down syndrome kids in Florida. The name of the organization is Lily's Playhouse. Named after her amazing two-year old Down syndrome daughter, Lily. Tami told me how much she enjoyed the book and how it mirrored the experiences that she is having with her special child. She made my day! We talked about how they are lacking in programs for Down syndrome individuals in the state of Florida and how she is donating the money from Lily’s to start a Gigi’s Playhouse in her area. I am so proud of her and what she is doing to help the Down syndrome community.


I had mentioned to Tami that I was going to take out some of the Minnesota program names and references in the book to make it appeal to a more national base of parents. Due to the fact that some of the programs in Minnesota are not offered across the country. After speaking with her I realize that I should leave them in. I figure this way people in other states can see what we have in Minnesota and advocate for similar programs in their own state.

Our book is meant to be a practical resource, as well as a source of inspiration for families following the same journey—a roadmap to offer guidance and support along the way. It is so great to hear back from people that the book has touched. If I wouldn’t have put the book on Etsy, it would not have gotten in the hands of people living in Florida, and I wouldn’t have gotten to speak to Tami. I feel like I have known her forever because of the special connection we have with our Down syndrome daughters. We shared stories and ideas with one another, after the call I felt inspired by her to do more. I love the fact that we got to connect and help each other. Please check out her site.